Curriculum vitae

Beáta Jarosievitz Dr.

College professor

01.09.2012: College professor

Educational advisor
Card nr.:010174-02

Physics, Computing
2006: PhD. degree in Education (Educational Research)
2001: Master’ s degree in public education managing in a post-graduation course of TU Budapest (HU)
1999: Master’ s degree in Computer Science at Roland Eötvös University Budapest (HU)
1996: Dr. Univ. degree in Nuclear Techniques, at INT of Technical University of Budapest (HU)
1990: Master’ s degree in Physics, at Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj (RO)


From 14 February 2022 Physics teacher at Teleki Blanka Gimnázium (Budapest)
Between  2012 – 17. December 2022 College professor at Dennis Gabor College (DGC)
From  2010 to 2012 College associate professor at Dennis Gabor College (DGC)
1999 – 14 February 2022 Computing teacher at SEK Budapest International School
1993 – 2011 Teacher and computer system administrator at Ady Endre College
1996 – 1998 Physics teacher at Vörösmarty Secondary School
1992 – 1996 PhD fellow at the INT of Technical University of Budapest
1990 – 1992 Health Physics Department of the Central Research Institute for Physics (CRIP) Budapest

Research activity
Use of ICT and multimedia in education (see: Phd – abstract)
Determination of radioactivity of artificial origin in aerosols
Subject of the Dr. Univ. Dissertation: Gamma-Spectrometry of Extended Sources For Analysing Environmental Samples.
Subject of the PhD Dissertation: Use of ICT and multimedia in education

Education and research activity at the Institut of Nuclear Techniques (TUB)
Measurement methods in gamma-ray spectrometry and applications.
Calibration of radiation monitors.
Measurement of 90Sr and 131I isotope on air filter (efficiency calibration).
Routine measurements applied in nuclear environmental monitoring (fall-out, sewing water and air monitoring).

Educational activity in post-graduate teacher training
Since 1998 in many occasions I had the opportunity to give lecture presentations in Information and Communications Technology and Uses of Multimedia in Physics Education (ICT), for postgraduate students (teachers, headmasters) in public education.
In 2000 I received the recognition as a teacher trainer from the Office of Public Education.

Other activities – taking care of talented students
Common participation with my students in the subprogram “Way Leading to Science” in the framework of the “Útravaló” fellowship program.  (2006 – 2010)
Preparation and training of students for participation in the annual national competition organised by the “TIT Kossuth Klub Egyesület”, the “TIT Stúdió” and the “Uránia Ismeretterjesztő Alapítvány”
Training of students for the National Logo Competition (annually)
Training of students for applications to science projects eg:   “Magyar Csillagászati Egyesület és a dorogi Zsigmondy Vilmos Gimnázium és Informatikai Szakközépiskola űrkutatási illetve csillagászati pályázat”
Active participation in the European Schoolnet Projects  (since 2001)

Social and other activities
Member of the International Research Group on Physics Teaching (GIREP)  – from: 2011

Member of the Roland Eötvös Physical Society
Member of Hungarian Research Teachers’ Association
Member of Hungarian Nuclear Society
Member of Computer Teachers’ Society (ISZE)
National coordinator of XPERIMANIA project
Member of TIT Kossuth Club Society (from 2009: member of the presindency)
Hungarian SCIENTIX ambassador (


  • Listening/understanding: C1
  • Reading/understanding: C1
  • Spoken/interaction: C1
  • Spoken/production: C1
  • Writing: C1
  • Listening/understanding: C1
  • Reading/understanding: C1
  • Spoken/interaction: C1
  • Spoken/production: C1
  • Writing: C1
  • Listening/understanding: A2
  • Reading/understanding: A2
  • Spoken/interaction: A2
  • Spoken/production: A2
  • Writing: A2